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We greatly value the trust you place in us. The personal information we collect on our website is strictly limited to the information you provide to us when you (i) make an online contribution, (ii) create an online account, (iii) sign up for one of our mailing lists, or (iv) contact us (e.g., send us an email or call us at a number listed on the site). This information will not be given to or shared with anyone outside of Ed Arcton Ministries or our service providers unless you expressly allow it, or we believe that it is necessary to comply with the law, protect a person’s safety, or address fraud or security issues.

Online Contributions

When you make a donation on our website, the personal information you provide to us is used to process your donation and add you to our donor email list. This information is protected using SSL encryption. Your payment information is securely transmitted to our payment processor in order to process the contribution and it is not stored on our end. We maintain your name, email address, and donation amount in order to comply with accounting requirements, manage receipting and provide your donation history.

Online Accounts

When you create an online account with us, we collect your email address and other contact information you provide when creating your account. You can access and update this information at any time, as well as your mailing list subscription information and preferences, and view your online donation history by logging in to your account.

Mailing Lists

When you sign up for one of our mailing lists, we collect your name and email address. We use this information to send you what you’ve requested from us (e.g., the latest “information or ask questions” and article you requested for). We do not sell, license, or share our mailing lists (email or physical), or your name and email address, with anyone outside of our organization. If you want to change, update or remove your name and email address on our list, you can do that by logging in to your account or contacting us at [email protected].

Usage Tracking

We track the way people use our website, apps, and email to provide you with a better and more engaging experience. Our servers automatically record user information such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, device and browser type, operating system, pages or features browsed and the time spent on those pages or features, frequency of use, terms searched, hyperlinks clicked on or used, and other use-related statistics. We use this information to provide the features of our website and apps, and to analyze (and may engage third parties to analyze) this information to improve and enhance our users’ experience, by expanding the features and functionality we provide and tailoring it to our users’ needs and preferences. We may also use cookies or similar technologies to analyze trends and track users’ movements around our website. You can control use of cookies on most web browsers.

Children’s Online Privacy

We never knowingly collect or maintain information on our website from visitors we know are under the age of 13.

Accessing and Managing Your Private Information

You can view and manage your online account profile, mailing list subscriptions, and recurring donations by logging in to your online account here. You can also make a change, get a copy, or delete all of the private information we have associated with you by emailing us at [email protected]

Changes to this Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most current version will always be posted here. By continuing to use our website and apps, and by communicating with us via this site and email, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

From Ed Arcton: Ed Arcton Ministries.



Thank you for your interest in sharing our resources. Everything published at is protected by copyright, and while our mission is to freely share as much of our content as possible, we also want to steward these assets well and respect the rights of those whose content we share. This website is your best resource for accessing our content and sharing it with others, and we encourage you to point people here. If you want to download copies for yourself or share copies with others, we have three main categories of content, with varying permissions for each category, to consider.

  1. Resources by Ed Arcton

Content authored by Ed Arcton is owned by the Ed Arcton Ministries, which holds copyright in all of his published works. You may freely use, share, and reproduce this content for personal or noncommercial (not sell or monetize) uses provided that when publishing textual content online or in hard copy, only quotes and excerpts may be used, not the entire work.

For audio and video content online, you may embed the entire unaltered original content from this website in another webpage but not reproduce, redistribute, or re-upload by other methods without our prior written permission.

Include this author bio, where appropriate:

Ed Arcton is founder and teacher of and President of Liberation Mission for Christ. For more than thirty years, he served as Apostle Teacher and Preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Pastor of Community Worship Church, has taught in Agape Institute of Missions, ISOMALD College and former CEO/General Coordinator of Ghana Evangelical Missions Association, Accra Ghana. He is a Mentor, a Coach and Leadership trainer for many Pastors, Christian Leaders and a Conference Speaker.

In all cases of republishing, the following attribution must be included:

By Ed Arcton. © Ed Arcton Ministries.  Source:

  1. Resources by Authors Other Than Ed Arcton

Content by other authors is owned by those authors unless indicated otherwise. We have the permission of those authors to publish and distribute their content on this site. However, any other use of this type of content outside of our site requires permission from the author and copyright owner, if different from the author. To contact the various contributors to this site for permission, please visit their author profile.

  1. Resources by Ed Arcton Ministries

Content on that has no author attribution, or which indicates copyright with Ed Arcton Ministries, is owned by Ed Arcton Ministries. Use of this content outside of this site requires permission from Ed Arcton Ministries. Please contact us to request permission.

Common Questions

Can I Translate Ed Arcton Ministries Resources?

A translation of content for personal use and that you do not share with others is permitted. However, given translations require great care to preserve the intended meaning of the original work, permission is required for any sharing or publishing a translation of the content found on this site. Please contact us to request permission.

Can I Publish My Content on

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in contributing to the content on this site. For information on submitting guest articles, please see Good Guest Writing at Ed Arcton Ministries.

Can I Play Ed Arcton Ministries Video at My Event or Gathering?

You do not need special permission to play audio/video content of Ed Arcton or Ed Arcton Ministries for a private or public gathering of any size, provided the gathering is not commercial or political in nature, and you do not charge anything to view the content. You can stream (or download, when available) content from our websitepodcastsVimeo, or YouTube channels. Please credit Ed Arcton Ministries and refer to our website


We exist to share the truth of God and to bring Honor unto our God in all our doing and in all our living.

Ed Arcton Ministries is a web ministry with so many resources to help people find truth, purpose, and satisfaction that will never end.  Above all to know and share the Love God revealed in his Son Jesus Christ.

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Our Products and Reach

Through and our other mobile apps, God is enabling us to reach new people all across the globe with our content.


Our Work

If you share our passion for God’s glory and enjoy working on the web, we’d love to hear from you! Below are the current roles for which we’re building contacts for future opportunities.

  • Social Media Strategist

Share our content and engage with users on our social channels.


  • Content Curator

Work with our existing content to organize into new collections and pathways of user engagement.


  • Fundraising Operations

Help our growing fundraising team manage systems and processes for donor care and communication.

  • Front End Developer

Build elegant, responsive interfaces and architect high quality client-side code.


  • Product Designer

Continuously evaluate, refine, and design a delightful user experience.


  • Interns

Seasonal opportunities available on both content and tech teams.


  • Video Strategist

As part of our editorial team, strategize and produce video content.


  • Editor

Edit, curate, and write content sharing the truth and joy of  Christian Living and Witness.

 Software Engineers

Design, build, test, review, deploy, celebrate, rinse, repeat. Web, iOS, Android.

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Let God be glorified in us and through us and in all our doing, talking and Living.

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