Rev. Hagan’s Testification (Ordination)

Rev Hagan, Pastor of House of Kings OMI testimony of Pastor Christian Anoquampong.

Today is a special day for our brother and for all of us who have gathered here.

It is a common practice to give good report about people when they pass on.

It is a normal practice to gossip and say negative and damaging words in the absence of people.

I am privileged and deem it a great honour to give a good and positive report about my brother, friend, and co-worker in Christ, Francis Christian Anoquampong, one I have encountered.

I have personally known him as one who fears God, anointed, humble, respectful and respected, zealous for the work of God, disciplined, and loves people far and near.

For close to four years we have been very good friends and brothers in ministry, and I have no iota of doubt that Christian F. Anoquampong is commendable and qualified to be ordained as COMMISSIONED MINISTER,

In this, but short time I have known him; He has been and is indeed a brother and a friend – One with a BIG HEART

As the akan proverb says ‘3woso nsu a na 3ti ne kan kan’ – Until you get close to someone you never know who truly they are.

As a visiting pastor friend both to my church and home, he has constantly exhibited a sense of humour, love, purity, without reproach, and above all upheld the name of Jesus Christ and the work of ministry.

Personally I have known him to be multi-talented, I see him to be gifted in many areas of life and ministry.

You and I are here today for this august ceremony of our brother and friend as COMMISSIONED MINISTER, because we know him as one possessing the qualities afore-mentioned; otherwise we would not be here today.

As the saying goes ‘dza ofu dua pa na wopia no’, I endorse and recommend him unreservedly for this ordination and any other high calling or position in the church and ministry.

Rev. James Forson, Accra has known Christian Anoquampong since 2002 in Sekondi College till now – He is present at this ordination ceremony of his friend and brother.

John 8:17 – It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.

2 Cor. 13:1 – In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

I am excited at this point that Rev. James Forson has given an authentic report of his experience with his childhood friend and brother.

I am also a witness of this experience. I have walked with Christian and known him.

Thank You!

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