Christian F. Anoquampong’s Response after Induction

Newly Ordained: Rev Francis Christian Anoquampong delivering his Ordination speech to the Church.

To God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit be the glory.

Reverend Ministers, deacons and deaconesses, invited guests, members of Christ Victory Evangelical Church International, there is much to say concerning my ministerial journey to this moment of ordination as a Commissioned Minister.

As I gave my life to the Lord Jesus in the year 1999, little did I know that I would rise to this level in ministry and the work of God in my life.

Like Isaiah and Jeremiah, it was in the plan and purpose of God that His works should be manifested in me (John 9:3)

The Lord was my personal trainer in times past and now, I envision a greater glory and manifestations of the Holy Spirit as I avail myself in a much profound way from this day of my consecration and induction into office.

In the year 2008, I experienced the call of God in my life into ministry, and He confirmed it by prophetic revelations, which Rev. James Foson is a witness as he experienced some of the works and manifestations of the Holy Spirit outlined in 1 Corinthians 12

People of God, five years ago by the power of God, I started a fellowship in fulfillment of the great commission in Assakae. Many lives were transformed through this prayer, deliverance, and evangelism ministry.

I am more than happy that God has used me to raise people who proudly call me ‘Daddy’, the likes of Pastor Frank Oppong, Prophet Francis Torro, Pastor Ernest Nannor, Pastor Derick Oppong, and many others who are in ministry.

The Future is brighter!

As an ordained minister and worker in God’s vineyard, it is my vision to plant 250 living churches in 25 years across the globe – I call this MISSION 25

I pledge to honour my calling into ministry and faithfully serve God’s people. As I mentioned earlier in this response, there is much to say but time will not permit me.

I thank everyone for supporting me personally and in my ministry. There are many who have positively impacted my life – some are here but many are not here.

I desire to mention names in acknowledgement, but once again ‘the clock’ will not permit me

Thank you and God bless us all!

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