1.0 Meeting started with 6 members at exactly 5:30pm. Rev. Ed Arcton Chaired the meeting.

Other members present were;

Coach Benjamin Annor

 Kwame Amoako,

Ben Blay Essien,

 Kwabena Adu Baah (Rescue Sports Board chairman) and

 Jimmy Larche (our guest from Tennessee – Florida USA)

Rev. Arcton offered the opening prayer after which he asked members to introduce themselves.

2.0 The Chairman shared the message of exultation from John 1: 1- 4, Ps 1:1. He deliberated on the fact that we as people cannot survive without God and without the Word of God. In other words there is no life without God and so we must learn to walk with Him.

2.1 The Chairman Rev. Arcton officially welcomed our guest from USA Jimmy Larche and allowed him to officially state his mission for coming to Ghana.

 On his part, Jimmy stated that he has been communicating with Pastor Ben for the past 3 years and many times he wanted to come to Ghana in an attempt to partner with Rescue Sports Foundation has not been in God’s timing, but this time has been his best time.

He further stated that the mission of his trip is to have a feel of what will be experienced before leading his team to this place. He also stated that the vision of his team is not to solve our problems but to help supplement what is already being done to solve such problems.

3.0 The ex-chairman, Mr. Baah also touched on some of our challenges of Rescue Sports Foundation in reaching souls for God over the past 11 years and that we are glad to have Jimmy around to partner in order to alleviate some of these challenges.

4.0 Ben Essien wanted to know what his people have been doing to promote fellowship among people, unlike Ghana with some rich culture that breeds togetherness in our communities, e.g. Eating from the same bowl.

Jimmy mentioned that his team is into cross culture training, and that they are trained to understand that no matter how poor a community is, they have something that the team doesn’t have. He quoted “We are not equal in function but equal in value because we all have something to share”

4.1 On equipment and support Jimmy advised that an inventory be created and the list sent to him to be used to attract sponsorship.

5.0 Mr. Baah inquired about how the U.S   gives their gospel presentations. Jimmy stated that, for his team, God is God and that they speak as it is without worrying about any offences.

6.0 Another vital issue which cropped up was the establishment of the Sports academy to absorb and help our young talented but need children playing our league. The chairman and all other members of the Rescue Sports Foundation team wished that Rev Larche will help in establishing one.

7.0 Mr. Amoako asked whether there are street kids in the U.S and how are they taken care of. Rev. Larche answered in affirmative. He further said that people have Safe Houses to accommodate them but they do so for obvious reasons

8.0 Pastor Ben requested for the training manual of his team to be used in the near future. He also expressed his sincere appreciation on behalf Rescue Sports Foundation to our Guest for honoring our invitation.

Jimmy also thanked Rescue Sports Foundation and urged us to remain committed to what we are already doing and it will attract the needed blessing

9.0 At this point, Rev. Larche was excused from the meeting for nominations of new Rescue Sports Foundation Board Chairman. After brief deliberations, the mantel fell on Rev. Ed Arcton after be nominated by Mr Adu Baah and was seconded by all to be the new Board Chairman, Mr. Kwabena Adu Baah the Vice and Mr Ben Blay Essian as the secretary.  

The chairman ended by say that, Jesus never offered a cheap discipleship and that we should be committed to what we are doing.

With nothing more to be discussed, Mr. Adu Baah moved for the closure of the meeting and was seconded by Coach Ben Annor. The New Chairman Rev Ed Arcton offers the closing prayer.

Board Secretary.
Mr Ben Blay Essien.

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