Serving God in Spirit and in Truth

Serving God in Spirit and in Truth

Sunday Church service began at 9:00am
Sunday school was led by Pastor Obed Richards.Topic: Serving God (Exodus 8:1)
Study details : To understand the importance of serving God, we first ought to understand where we are now, where we stand, and why we are required to serve and worship the only through God?.

Pastor Obed leading a Sunday School session

We understood that from the Holy Scriptures that …
1. God is our source
2. God is our strength
3. God is our savior
God created everything and placed in an environment which man can operate every well. Fish have water, birds have the air, and cattle also have the land. The environment of man is in God because we came from him, we were created in his own image and likeness, making God our true environment to express ourselves. We can properly function only when we are in him. Serving God puts us always in God, whether in worship, in prayer, walking in the Word of God, demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit we have the image and posses that which is of God. Man derives his strength from God as well as in Jesus Christ, who saves us from the dominion of sin. Serving God makes us come alive and we are being sustained forever and ever in Him.
Sunday school was ended with a word of prayer at 10:15am.

Sunday service sermon given through Rev Ed Arcton
Sermon title: God is Spirit (John 4:24-25)

Awomberew Baptist Church Service in session.

The man of God explained that in our time and generation we no longer worship God according to the flesh, on the mountains or any particular place but we do worship God in Spirit and in truth since God is Spirit. Christians must worship God because of who he is and approach him in honesty and truth not because of what we want from Him. We deceive ourselves when we offer worship full of pretense. God knows every secret thing in our life; Jesus told the Samaritan woman all her secret and said it times for true worshippers to worship God in Spirit and truth. The truth is His Word and we must come to him through his Word, the Holy Bible. Service was ended with a word of prayer by Deacon Isaac Fiifi Kakraba.

Church Conference

Church Conference follows immediately after the Church Service which lasted for One Hour. It was a general meeting involving everyone to deliberate on the welfare and progress of the church in the locality. The conference was led by Rev Ed Arcton who taught and explains the roles of every individual in the church. He explains further that the church is a body consisting of many parts. No one person can make it alone, everyone needs the other to function properly and efficiently within the Body of the Church. We all have roles, responsibilities, assignment and functions in the church. Just as we all have receives gifts from the Lord. Failure to play your role will create a loop hole and allows the devil to sneak through and cause destruction within which can hinder the growth of the Church. Identifying personal capable to service in different position was discussed and restructuring various organs within the church was done. Some members were elected while others volunteered to serve.  Rev Arcton stressed the impotency of the leader and his executive to present themselves at the local, district and zonal meeting of the whole Baptist Church. It is the responsibility of the leader of the local church to give periodic report of progress and welfare of the local Assembly to the Zonal Head and the District Pastor. Failure and refusal to do this will keep the church backward and unattended in many ways. The church meeting and its deliberation was well come by all. The meeting ended with a closing prayer.


Ed Arcton is a Pastor and President of Liberation Mission For Christ. A Preacher, Teacher, Prayer Intercessor and Conference speaker. Believe in the Authority and Divinely inspired WORD OF GOD, the (Holy Bible) as God's given and the constitution of our Life. Ed, Believes that, the BIBLE is the Voice of God speaking to every man and it is not the voice of man. Boldly confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord and Personal Savior. Always ready to proclaim Him to the nations of the earth in season and out of season. Discipled and trained, by the Child Evangelism Fellowship, (CEF) and the Scripture Union (SU). My passion is to Explain and Expand the Holy Scriptures to all men wherever I am, especially the people of God, Church of the Living God.

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